This chart is a useful reference for those interested in a layman’s overview of Earth History, evolution, geology, paleontology and other disciplines, especially pedology, petrology, geochemistry and geomorphology in understanding the landscape.

Researchers in stratigraphy, structural geology, sedimentology and of course, geophysics have given us the opportunity to appreciate the complexity of the shape of the earth, its core and mantle, tectonic and seismic activity and the variations in magnetic and gravity fields.

The disciplines of ecology, hydrology and oceanography, are inextricably mixed with glaciology, climatology and the twin sciences of atmospheric chemistry and atmosphere physics.

Scientists representing all these disciplines and more, have provided the information to list all the important milestones in chronological order.

As well as being a fascinating read, it is also a wonderful educational tool that gives students the ability to place critical events in the time frame.

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